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Bar Frames:

The bar frame is the frame work that is designed to support your Suspend-It Seating bar stools. The unique cantilever design gives your Suspend-It Seating bar stools the illusion of being suspended from the counter top. The Bar Frame can be purchased as a single frame (supporting one stool) or a double frame (supporting two stools). Each bar frame will be custom built to fit the measurements of your cabinetry and counter tops. For maximum comfort, the recommended counter overhang is 15 -16”, but any smaller overhang can be comfortably accommodated to a minimum of 9”.

Suspend-It Seating bar stools are completely independent of your counter top and cabinetry. Suspend-It Seating bar stools do not require you to modify your existing cabinetry or your counter top. These custom built bar frames are available in your choice of two styles of feet to support your suspended bar stools. Either style creates a unique and beautiful look in your kitchen, or at your wet bar.

Standard Foot Design:

FrameSuspend-It Seating manufactures bar stools that are custom built to fit your specific needs. The Suspend-It Seating Standard Foot Bar Frames bolt directly to the floor. The vertical post can be concealed behind the finish panel of your cabinets (new construction). Or, they can be added to your existing cabinets with the vertical post being exposed. The vertical post is then painted or powder coated to match the colors or hardware in your kitchen (retro-fit). In either application, the bar frame bolts directly to the floor and will be concealed beneath the foot rest.

The foot rest is framed around and over the bar frame feet, and installed at the time that your Suspend-It Seating system is installed. This serves two purposes. First: when finished, it provides a comfortable place to rest your feet when sitting in and enjoying your Suspend-It Seating bar stools. Second: it covers the supporting frame work of the bar frame. After it is installed, you can have the foot box covered to match your existing flooring.

Inverted Foot Design:

FrameThe Suspend-It Seating bar stools inverted foot bar frame design is a popular design for wet bars as well as for kitchen snack bars. The inverted foot will fit backwards under the toe kick of the cabinets. Inverted foot style bar frames must be set into position before the cabinets are set. When using the inverted foot design, a foot rail is recommended when the counter top is higher than 30”.

Plan Ahead: When planning for the inverted foot bar frame design, please consider that it is important to have access to the underside of the floor to install reinforcement blocking. This blocking is intended to strengthen and reinforce the sub-floor and the floor joist system in your home. You should consult with a qualified contractor before ordering your Inverted Foot Bar Frames.

When using the inverted foot frame, it is important to consider all appliances that may be built into the cabinetry opposite of your Suspend-It Seating bar stools (dishwasher, trash compactor etc). The professionals at Suspend-It Seating can design the frame work of the inverted foot bar frame to fit around these appliances. Please email or fax your drawings.

Whether you choose the standard foot bar frame or the Inverted foot bar frame, no bar stool legs means less clutter and more free time for you. Imagine the ease of cleaning around and under your wet bar or snack bar without having to move the stools out of the way to clean and then having to put them back into place. Imagine how nice it will be when the snack bar or fake wet bar stools softly and gently put themselves away. Imagine your kitchen or wet bar without the possibility of tipping the bar stools. All of these dreams can come true with your new custom designed seating system by Suspend-It Seating bar stools.